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Jules is around 11 months old and is a good old Heinz 57 variety mongrel! Still very much a puppy in many ways he is a really clever lad, but sadly has mostly been left to his own devices. It would be fair to say that his self-education programme needs a little fine tuning! He has bags of potential, he just needs the right input – and adopter – an experienced home with calm, assertive humans who will enjoy working with him to help him to develop into be the best dog ever!

Jules loves people and craves human companionship but will need a little pre-adoption contact to begin to learn he can trust you. He wants to bond, wants to belong – he even wants to please, but struggles sometimes to know just what it is that you want him to do and can default to naughty puppy mode to get attention from you – including quite hard play-biting. He responds well to positive reward training and is of collie-level intelligence….so beware him out-thinking you! He will be amazing at both scent work and agility as he is naturally talented in both areas!!

Jules has not had the opportunity to socialise with other animals and tends to find them confusing – including other dogs. This can make him quite reactive on lead. We have been working with him to help him with this and he is definitely improving but he will need ongoing work as part of his general training. He will need to be the only pet in the home.

Jules loves toys (especially ones that squeak!), loves a cuddle, loves to play…loves a destruction box, a frozen kong/bone, loves to be doing and to be learning. He loves company, hates to be isolated. He is very sensitive to any changes in mood or energy and needs his humans to be calm and consistent teachers for him. He will need a slow introduction to spending time home alone but could then cope with up to 4 hours per day. He is not suitable to live with children or with other animals.

Enquire about homing Jules.