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Kim is a 7 year old collie – and has got all the best bits of the breed. She has sadly had to come to us for re-homing due to unexpected illness in her owner. She has always been much loved and has actually been a working collie….although you really would never know it she is so laid back and easy going.

Kim loves everyone! Any amount of attention and fuss and Kim is happy. She has been wonderful with every human she has met with us, is great out walking with other dogs, good on lead, good off lead, a good traveller….doesn`t mind being left for a few hours, enjoys her walks – she almost couldn`t be easier! The only “downs” to her are that she has not had any experience living in the home, so much of that is new to her and simple things like the sound of a kettle or microwave are things that she is having to learn about. We have`nt progressed as far as TV yet!

Kim would love a caring home that can give her plenty of company and attention, but also varied exercise and ongoing training to keep her brain busy. Much as she is good out and about with other dogs we feel that she would be happiest as the only dog in the home. She is suitable for children of 8 years +. We are suggesting no cats or other small furries because she tends to get a bit obsessive about them and that becomes worrying for the small animal involved! She has been used to rounding up so poultry etc would not be an issue.

If you are looking for the perfect collie come and meet her, she is wonderful!

Enquire about homing Kim.