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Kona is a wonderful 13 month old lurcher, who has sadly had to come into us for re-homing due to an unexpected change in her owner`s circumstances which meant that it simply was not practical for her to stay with him anymore.

Kona is an absolute sweetie. Young and active, very playful and still very much a puppy in many respects, Kona has all the best bits of the lurcher in her. She will race around like a lunatic, playing chase games with other dogs or with toys, or go for a good walk…then crash on the sofa for cuddles and down time afterwards, so gentle and loving. Much as Kona has not had a huge amount of training she is so easy and obliging this really is not an issue with her, although she would benefit from learning the basics.

Sweet and sensitive as she is, Kona can be a little insecure. She has been used to having human company most of the time and can struggle to spend time on her own. Kona would be best suited to a home with another dog to help give her constant company and a sense of stability – or a home where she can be with someone 90% of the time. She has been used to children of 7 years +. Kona has lived with cats but can have a tendency to chase them if she can make it into a game. She could possibly live with very confident, dog-savvy cats.

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