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Lola is a fabulous little Pugalier. At 8 years she is surprisingly active and has been used to enjoying a good 4 – 5 miles daily. She loves to explore, to have a go at rabbiting, or to charge around the beech and have a paddle. She loves company, and a warm spot to snooze after her adventures – especially if she can snuggle up with a human at the same time! She is a really good traveller, happy to hop in for new adventures. Lola has been used to living with other dogs and we have tended to find her more confident with the support of a doggy friend.

Lola loves people and is always happy to make new friends. She has been used to living as a family dog and would be very happy to live with children of 8 years +. She has not been used to being left for long periods and would not be happy to be left for longer than 4 hours. Lola is not good with cats! She would love to live with a another dog as a companion rather than being a single dog.

Lola is a bright little bean with a real sparkle and a great little sense of humour. She loves to be doing and exploring, loves to be included, loves to be close. She may not win any beauty prizes, but she really is smashing.

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