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Lucy is a fabulous little Jack Russell, a pint sized 2 year old full of energy and a little bit of mischief – but in a nice way! Privately rescued she is proving just too much for the older Jack Russell who really just wants peace and quiet, so to give the old dog some peace the owners have reluctantly decided Lucy would be better placed in a new home.

Lucy is very energetic and very sweet natured. She is clever and curious, desperate to know what is going on and to get involved. We suspect that her life experiences and training have been a little limited, but she is a smart cookie and learning fast. She loves food and squeaky toys, loves cuddles on the sofa, sleeping on the bed with you (probably in it if she could possibly get away with it!) company and walkies. She is good at meeting other dogs out and about, but does tend to be a bit enthusiastic – Lucy tends to be a bit of a million-miles-an-hour whirlwind with all things new and exciting! She will happily share bed space with another dog and is always keen to persuade a new dog friend to play. She is a good traveller, happy to jump in the car and join in with whatever you are doing. She has been lovely with visiting children of 5 years plus, gentle with them and keen to give them a good wash!She has some fur loss around her head which the vet believes to be stress related alopecia and is improving.

Lucy would love to be in an active home where she has plenty to do and to think about. She would be happiest in a home that does not have to leave her for more than 4 hours a day. She can live with another dog(s) but because she is so excitable they would need to be able to be fairly tolerant with her – or of like mind! She is not safe to be re-homed with cats and other small animals. We are suggesting homes with children of 7 years +.
Lucy is staying in her current home until we find her a new one – viewings strictly by appointment only.

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