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Lucy is a fabulous 2 year old collie x lab. Sadly she has not had the best of starts. Lucy has learnt the hard way that humans are often not kind to dogs and she is understandably wary of new people. With a little time to get to know she is just wonderful – and well worth the time invested.

Lucy is by nature a loving and loyal dog with a strong need to bond with “her” person. Once she trusts she loves to spend time with you, just hanging out and enjoying life. She loves her walks and is always keen to go when she sees you pick up her lead. She is learning about toys and likes to chase a ball…not necessarily to bring it back yet (fetch is a working progress!) She loves a game of chase, having her tummy tickled, learning new tricks for a treat. She is clever and agile, a fast learner and eager to please. She has a Labrador stomach so will do almost anything for the reward of a biscuit! She is good traveller, and can be left happily for a few hours a day (big walk first, rawhide chew or kong to keep her busy whilst you are out). She is good with most dogs and could possibly live with a steady canine friend.

Lucy likes a routine to life so that she knows what to expect, it helps to make her feel safe and more confident. She is scared of new people so will need a quiet home where she does not have to cope with lots of visitors. Due to her past Lucy will struggle to trust multiple people so would not be suitable for a family home. Lucy would love to be in a quiet home with people who understand her needs and happy to devote time, energy and understanding to her. She is a wonderful little dog with so much to give, she just needs the time to trust.

Lucy is currently in a foster home to help her gain confidence. She will need a number of visits from anyone interested in adopting her to give her time to begin to form a trusting relationship with them prior to adoption.

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