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Lully (reserved )

Lully-lurcher is lovely. At 18 months he has not had much of a life so far, and knows only too well that humans can be very unkind to animals. This makes him understandably nervous of meeting new people, and it will take him a little while to trust – slower with men than with women. However, once he knows that you are “safe” the silly comedian puppy comes out in him and you have one gigantic puppy…possibly crossed with a spring-bok! All legs and little co-ordination, he is hysterically funny – and loves to make you laugh, running and jumping and playing silly games with his toys. Underneath his initial fearfulness, Lully is a positive and happy dog by nature, all smiles and eager to please.

Lully is good with other dogs, enjoying their company and very much wanting to charge around playing catch-me-if-you-can. He cannot live with small furries, far too interested in trying to catch them! He is good at traveling and happy to go to new places, provided there are not many people there. He has not had much training and struggles to concentrate, so will be a bit of an ongoing project in this area.

Lully would love a quiet and steady home with people who are at home most of the time, at least initially, so that he can build a bond and learn to trust.

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