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Maple is approximately 18 months old, an extra-special girl who holds a very special place in our hearts – as she does with everyone who gets to know her. She is an incredibly intelligent dog, but finds herself rather conflicted at times. She wants to love and be loved, however she finds new people and some situations scary and then feels the need to protect herself.
Maple needs an adult only home, without the complications of children and with just one or two adults where she can fully learn to trust again, to feel safe and secure. She finds strangers very threatening, especially men, and is happiest in a situation where she does not have to be regularly confronted by new people. Her relationship with her human(s) – that all important connection – is absolutely key to how well she does and how confident she is feeling.
Much as Maple has not had a good start, she is a real smiler by nature, massively affectionate and loyal, full of fun, very happy and really quite cheeky! She adores known friends and once she trusts you she enjoys as many cuddles as she can possibly get out of you. However, she is also very sensitive and can often hide how she is feeling and how life is affecting her – she will need owners who can appreciate this aspect of her personality and be sensitive to it to reduce her stress levels and prevent any reactions from her,
Maple is very active, loves her walks (fit and active owners are essential for her!) loves to play, loves water, and is happy to travel. She is a clever girl with a brain that she likes to use and can be strong willed if not gently guided in the right way. She responds really well to repetitive positive training including clicker work…although continues to struggle with lead walking – someone somewhere has told her she is designed to tow!
Although Maple has only ever lived as a single dog (as far as we know) she could possibly live with another playful, well socialised and steady male, depending on the personality of the dog – something that centre staff would be very happy to give additional help and guidance with. She cannot live with small animals or cats.
Maple does not mind spending a few hours on her own at home, so owners who need to work part-time are not a problem for her. She would need a little time initially to build her up to this. She will need a safe and secure garden where she can charge around and play with her toys.

Enquire about homing Maple.