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Maverick (RESERVED)

Maverick is an 18 months old long legged staffy x who came into rescue due to an unforeseen change in his owners` circumstances which meant that it was no longer practical for them to keep him.

Maverick was a private rescue originally and had endured some very rough handling. This means that it can take him a little while to feel settled with new people and in a new situation. He is currently in foster home as he did not enjoy kennels. His foster family have worked hard with him to help him feel confident and settled. He has a loving temperament and likes nothing more than a cuddle at any opportunity. He also has a very boisterous side and loves to play with balls and anything that squeaks, although you do have to be careful as he can get over excited and start to jump up and nip so it’s important not to let play get to rough. He doesn’t mean to hurt but he is very strong. His foster family are helping him with this through training.

Maverick loves long walks and exploring new places. He is a good traveller and happy to go to new places in the car for adventures. He really just loves to join in with everything that you are doing. He is not good at being left home on his own so will need a very gentle introduction to spending short periods at home on his own. His foster family have not been able to let him freely socialise with other dogs over the last few months because of the current situation. He had previously lived with other dogs and was good out walking with doggy friends. He is a clever boy and his foster family have worked hard to teach him some basic obedience. He has learnt – with varying degrees of success depending on his mood – sit, heel, down, off, leave, wait, stay, drop and gently.

Maverick`s ideal home would be with a family that are predominantly home based, that are very active and enjoy working with an energetic and intelligent dog with ongoing positive reward based training. He has been used to visiting children of all ages, but is better suited to living with older children that can participate actively in his life.

Maverick is intelligent and soppy in equal measures. He is a very special boy that just needs to be understood and loved. Once he has gained a persons trust he will become a wonderful companion.

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