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Max (interest)

Max is a 5 year old Romanian crossbreed.

Max has a come from a home in the UK where he lived with another male dog and got on very well with him. He does like people but has a nervous side so can be a little reserved at first until he gets to know you. Once Max knows you, he is very affectionate and loves to have fuss whilst leaning on you.

He walks nicely on lead and has good manners as is used to living in a home. He has lived with children before and was good but a quieter home may suit him better now as he is quite sensitive. Max is social with dogs. He can be a little defensive on lead if confronted by a boisterous or pushy dog. He will walk calmly beside dogs we walk him with here, if they are also good mannered. He can be vocal at times if other dogs bark at him.

He is a very sweet boy who does enjoy the company of dogs he knows and trusts and will play. He could live with another dog in the home. He has been surrendered alongside male collie x ‘Bodey’. Max and Bodey do get on well and play together so are available to be rehomed together or to separate suitable homes.

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