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Max is a gorgeous sprocker. He is just 18 months old, and come into rescue because his owners realised that they really did not have the time for such an active and intelligent dog.

Max is from working background and therefore needs a very active home with experience of the breed. He is highly intelligent and loves to learn so will need this challenged and worked with so that he can not only learn to be the best of his ability but also to keep him mentally happy.

Max will need ongoing training in areas such as recall and focus. He has very high activity levels however this is helped more by brain exercises than just letting him run. He would be a great dog to have a job and with the right input could be the most awesome agility boy or scent work dog. Max is good with other dogs but we suspect would be best placed as a single dog to help him to focus and to bond. He has lived with cats and could possible live with a dog-experienced cat. He is going to need a home with someone with plenty of time for him who will enjoy maintaining his training needs. Due to the level of input required Max is not suitable for a home with children. He is not known to be destructive and is crate trained.

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