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Mees (pronounced Mase) is a lovely, gentle and very sweet natured Springer Spaniel. He is an older boy, but no one has told him so he still thinks he is a youngster and loves his walks and games of ball. He is sadly having to be re-homed as a change in his owner`s circumstances means that he is having to be left on his own for too long.

Mees is lovely with everyone he meets, always keen to make new friends with everyone. He has not had much experience with children, but has been lovely with those he has met. Because of his inexperience we are suggesting that he would be happier in a home with children of 10 year +. He has always lived with a cat and fully understands the rules of cat-dog home sharing so would have no issues living with a new feline friend. Due to some very bad experiences with other dogs as a puppy Mees is not confident around other dogs. He prefers to avoid dogs out walking and will need to be the only dog in the home. He has good basic obedience, but finds it much easier to understand and comply if there is a treat or a tennis ball involved!

Mees is a sensitive and loving boy who needs a loving home with a routine he can understand to give him stability. He is extremely tuned in to how his humans are feeling so needs owners who are naturally sunny and can easily remain positive and gently up-beat with him. Mees can be left for up to 3 hours, but does not enjoy spending much time on his own so will need a very slow introduction to this and someone predominantly home based for him.

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