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Milo – just divine! All the best bits of the Beagle and none of the really naughty bits that can make ownership a little trying at times! Just 15 months old, Milo is still a puppy really and has very reluctantly been brought to us for re-homing when his family had to move and they were unable to take Milo with them.

Milo has a bubbly personality and is great with both adults and children alike. He has lived with children of 3 years plus very happily, playing gently and sharing nicely. He is good with other dogs and loves to meet new friends to play. He has good basic obedience and the brains to learn plenty more given the opportunity – which he would love. Being a typically food-orientated beagle, Milo has been taught from a young age how to come back from running off-lead for a tasty treat. He can be distracted by playing with other dogs, but is not a hunting dog that wants to run off and explore independently. Milo is a good traveller and loves to go to new places to explore with his family – the more new places the better as far as Milo is concerned.

Milo needs an active thinking and doing home with people who enjoy getting out and about with their dog. He love to join in with anything that is going on. He has not been used to being left and would be happiest in a home where he can have company most of the time – and plenty to do! He would be better in a home without cats – he thinks that they are miniature dogs and likes to play with them so not popular at all with the feline population!

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