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Milo is a 7½ year old Jack Russell x. He is very sweet and very special, he really needs that “right” home who can invest time and remain committed to him.

Milo has a lovely little sense of humour, loves toys, loves to share with you, to feel involved and know that you are on board with him, participating and appreciating his comical games. A ball he can chase, a soft toy he can throw around, anything that he can roll about (loves the ones that biscuits come out of!). He loves a walk, but can suffer from grass allergies, depending on the time of the year, so ideally needs pavement walking or short cut grass only. He has been used to an urban environment and is quite happy with this. He is good meeting other dogs when walking and could potentially live with a laid back dog who is happy to let him do his own thing. He is also good with cats, happy to ignore them (but terribly fond of cat food!) and could live with a confident feline friend. He is not the best traveller, but is learning to enjoy short journeys that take him to exciting new walking places.

Milo is a super-sensitive little soul, and can be a real worrier. He is a special little lad who, somehow, life has missed giving him that all important protective shield that we all rely on to keep our inner most heart safe. For Milo there is no shield which leaves him very innocent and trusting and extremely vulnerable – he is like a trusting child, wanting to be with you, to bond, to be loved. It is essential for him that life has a routine so that he knows what to expect and when. He does not cope well with noise, hustle and bustle. He needs a quiet home with kind, patient owners who can give him time to settle and help him through the initial worry of being in a new home without expecting too much of him. Milo will need adopters who can guarantee that they will be at home for him all the time during his settling in period, and then have the flexibility to be able to slowly introduce him to being left once he is confident in his new home if needed. He struggles with young children but would be fine with children of 14 years +.

Milo has a big heart and is just waiting to give it to give it to someone. He is very rewarding to work with, has us smiling and giggling every day. He just needs “his” people to commit to him and all his funny little ways.

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