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Mollie is a wonderful cockerpoo, not yet 2 years old. She has been brought to us for re-homing because she did not cope with sharing her home with children – we will be looking for a child-free home for Mollie.

The Cocker part of Mollie is all working Cocker, so she is very clever and very active. She loves to be busy, to be doing, to be learning and will need owners who enjoy channelling this aspect of her personality to help her feel happy and fulfilled. She will make a smashing agility dog! Mollie is great with other dogs, gauging herself to their needs. She loves to play with youngsters but is also respectful with more mature dogs. She is a good traveller, happy to hop into the car for adventures, is crate trained and is happy to be left for a few hours. She is very affectionate and loves her cuddles time, very happy to be a lap dog in the evenings given half a chance!

Molly would love a home with active, experienced owners who enjoy fun training, working with their dog to bring out the best in it. She would be quite happy to share her home with another dog, or to continue living as the only dog but with plenty of socialising opportunities. She will need a home without children.

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