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Molly is not your average dog and is not looking for an average home.
Molly started life as a feral dog until she was captured and put into foster. She has suffered a huge amount of trauma in her life and because of this did not adapt well to being a pet and ran away. Happy Landings were asked to help secure Molly because of our reputation for trapping missing dogs. Well Molly taught us the most we have ever learnt. It took us 4 months to catch her camping out at a garden centre to do so. Once we had her we brought her back to the shelter. The rescue who owned her had nowhere suitable to house her and so we offered to help her here.
Molly is still very much a wild dog. She dos not enjoy interacting with humans and would like to escape at any given opportunity. If it was safe for her to just run free then that is what we would do but our surroundings do not make that possible with dangerous roads and farmers not liking dogs on their land. So we have to contain her and she does not like this. She started off in a bedroom area and spent months refusing to move off of the bed, her legs were becoming stiff and we could not make any progress with her interactions with us humans. Therefore we then decided to move her to an indoor/outdoor area where she had her bedroom area and a courtyard which was fully enclosed including a wire mesh roof. We had to carry her out to this area as she would not move if humans were around. One there she initially looked for places to escape but upon realising she couldn’t, she settled down. She chose her spot and would not move from this place. We had managed to harness her in the hope of getting used to a lead but any time you tried to attach one she would freak out and become too stressed for us to consider it.
Months passed and Molly was not making any progress with humans. We tried tonnes of enrichment ideas, another calm dog, various specialists, holistic approaches, pharmaceutical medications, everything we could think of. We were also looking for sanctuary space for her but nowhere could offer the security she needed not to escape as she will be over 6ft fencing.
Then one day a miracle happened and Molly suddenly decided to come out of her bit at the end of the house and into the main house with the other dogs. She ran into the kitchen and took over one of the dog beds. She started to do this regularly in the evenings and then appeared in the lounge on the sofa. We were all in shock and over the moon. Here she has stayed. She will happily curl up on the sofa with the other dogs however still does not want to be touched by humans.
Molly uses a litter tray in the house as will not choose to take herself outside. We are still very much working with her to progress her further but think that if the right home was to be out there with someone that does not work in rescue and has more time it would benefit her.
The perfect home for Molly would be a very quiet household with no children and somewhere that either does not have visitors or where her space is away from visitors. She would need an outdoor space straight off of her indoor area that is fully enclosed either with fencing that leans over at top and is over 6ft or with a lidded roof. She is looking for people that take pleasure in the rehabilitation of dogs and have all the time and patience in the world. Someone that is calm, empathetic and understanding. Molly has the worst case of PTSD that us or the specialists who have been to assess her have ever seen. However in all the time we have had her she has never bitten us. She has never shown aggression at all because we do not put her in situations we feel are unfair.

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