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Moses is a 15 month old german shepherd, so really still just a big puppy! He has a great personality, is very clever, loves to be doing, loves to be learning. He has good basic obedience but has the capacity to learn a lot more. With the right ongoing input Moses is going to develop into a wonderful, fully trained boy and be the best dog that you ever had the good fortune to share your life with. He is a bright lad who learns fast…and he loves to learn.

Moses loves people and will take any amount of attention, admiration, playtime and grooming. He has not had much experience of living with children, but he is a lovely natured boy and we feel he would be very happy living with children of 8 years+. He has loved everyone he has met. Despite his breed and age he does not have any separation issues and would cope with someone who had to leave him for up to 4 hours a day, provided he had good input before and after.

Moses has some typical German Shepherd traits, he wants to bond, wants to have a strong but level human who will enjoy working with him teaching and guiding. He is good with other laid back dogs, but can struggle with new dogs when on lead, depending on how the other dog feels about him (some dogs can find him a bit intimidating because of his size and energy). He would benefit hugely from socialisation classes with a positive trainer to help him develop confidence in this area. Moses could live as a single dog, or with another dog provided they are laid back and can be a good, calming influence for him. Moses likes to chase, including things like cats, and is not suitable to live with small animals.

Moses is wasted in kennels and, with his intelligence an personality, will only be happy with us for a limited amount of time. He would love to be in a stable home environment in a rural setting, ideally one with prior German Shepherd experience, who will enjoy working with him. Some of Moses’ favourite things are cuddles, balls, new toys, water and being told he is the most handsome dog ever (which of course, he is!)

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