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Nanook is a happy 18 month old Husky cross, who loves both human and doggy company. Being young he has bags of energy, loving to run around with other dogs and a bit of rough and tumble. He is learning his commands and will sit, lie down and wait for his food when asked. He needs plenty of exercise in all weathers, two 45 minute walks a day absolute minimum, will do canicross (5k or more!) and loves to paddle in streams. He meets other dogs well and loves being part of a family, so his new forever home should have another dog preferably young. He loves to sleep on the bed/sofa as he often misses the humans, and is working towards being left on his own with other dogs for longer periods. Although not a howler, he is very vocal when you return home, only because he has missed you. He is very inquisitive and clever; he can open doors and toilet seats with ease! He has to be kept out of the kitchen during food preparation as his husky scavenging skills are strong, never leave a sandwich unattended, especially as he is sensitive to grain like most arctic breeds. Though not a keen jumper, he can climb on chairs to reach tall shelves. Although he is young he enjoys a good afternoon nap and is very cuddly, often asking for a good tummy rub. He is great with teenagers and probably younger children as he used to visit a primary school on a regular basis. He is not safe to live with cats.

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