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Nullah is a lovely natured 5 year old boarder collie. She is smashing in every respect – except that she does not get on well with her litter-sister and trying to keep the two of them living together in the same home is proving far too stressful for all concerned!

Nullah is the sweetest girl, eager to please and quick to learn. She has a fabulous temperament and is pleased to meet anyone and everyone, always greeting with a waggy tail and a big smile. Nullah has a working collie brain so would benefit from a home with previous collie experience who enjoy doing training and brainwork with their dog as well as good walking. She has not had much opportunity to socialise with new dogs, so will need a slow and gentle introduction to new doggy friends and lots of positive experiences. Nullah travels well and does not have any issues being left so would not mind a home where people have to work part time.

Nullah would love to be the only dog in an active, collie-minded home with owners who really enjoy involving their dog in their lives – she loves joining in and feeling a part of what is going on. Plenty of varied walks, training and brain games are all big pluses for Nullah. Nullah has not lived with children full time, but has been used to, and very happy with, children of 4 years +. We feel that she would be happy to share her life with children of 8 years +

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