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Obe is a 3 year old Saluki x Collie

He is looking for his forever home again. For a young dog, Obe has spent a huge part if not most of his life in kennels. Obe is a hugely social character, he loves people, he always makes everyone feel wanted here, gives a massive greeting to strangers and anyone he meets outside. Very cuddly boy, loves human contact.

Obe likes to meet every dog that he sees, he is again very social and can be rehomed with other dogs. He does play quite boisterous so the other dog would need to be of a similar play style. He cannot be homed with cats, due to his high prey drive.

The reason we are struggling to find Obe a home is due to his on lead reactivity that has unfortunately developed and worsened through living in kennels for such a long time.
When he sees something he wants to chase or play with when on lead he quickly becomes very vocal and reactive, lots of noise and will redirect onto handler out of frustration. He wears a muzzle on walks for this reason.

Have you the ideal home for Obe?
We think Obe needs a home where the owners have a very large garden or large fields that are secure where he can run and do as he wishes without the need for on lead walks. He loves to watch (and chase) wildlife like most dogs. He is not a dog that particularly enjoys being walked far and is instead desperate for some freedom to stretch his legs regularly when he wants to. One of Obe’s favourite things to do is lie on the grass and gaze at the birds after his off lead zoomies.

We are looking for a home where he does not need to be walked in busy public places and the pressure and stress of this is removed for both Obe and the adopters.
A home with perhaps multiple dogs to run, play and cuddle with.
A rural home
Owners who enjoy giving dog massages – he loves his massages! 😊

If you think you are the perfect home for this special boy please get in touch by filling out an application form.

Enquire about homing Obe (Available).