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At 8 months Oberon is still very much a baby Saluki so will need a home that is all ready for a bambi sized puppy-dog! He has always been a much loved boy, but sadly his owner`s circumstances changed very suddenly and it just was not practical for them to keep him.

Oberon is full of beans, loves to play, to run, to chase – anything from another dog to a bouncing ball or a leaf! He can find fun in almost any given situation and is very adept at making his own amusement! He loves spending time with people, is ridiculously playful with other dogs (needs a patient teacher there!) loves to go for long, relaxed country walks….loves a snuggle on the sofa with you in front of the fire afterwards. He has been to puppy training classes, but with his age and breed will need ongoing firm but patient positive reward training.

Oberon has not had much experience of spending time alone, so will need a home where there is someone home based all the time, at least initially, so that he can slowly be taught that it is ok to be home alone for short periods. He is not suitable for homing with young children and cannot be homed with small animals, including cats. He would benefit from a stable home with previous Saluki experience.

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