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Oscar is a 10 month old Pointer x. He had been in the same home since a puppy but just proved too much for them. He is now in an experienced foster home where he can benefit from some 1:1 time and training.

Oscar is a real sweetie, a super-sensitive boy with bags of potential. He is one of life`s natural worriers and tends to find everything new a little bit scary until he has worked it out. He will need an experienced owner who will enjoy working with Oscar to continue to improve his confidence with ongoing training and gentle socialising.

Oscar loves spending time with you, cuddles on the sofa (he still thinks he will fit on your knee!)and playing with his toys. He enjoys the challenge of using his nose to find things, and of gentle positive reward based training, so has some good basic obedience. He is fully crate trained and good at travelling.

Oscar is shy with new people and new dogs and needs very gentle encouragement. He needs to feel that he can fully trust his owner to be the decision maker and his protector, taking all that pressure off him. He does not cope well with spending time on his own so will need owners who can be predominantly home based to help him with this.

Oscar`s ideal home is a quiet, adult only home who enjoy training and confidence building…and cuddles time! He will need ongoing socialisation and would love to pursue something like scent work which he will be amazing at. He is gentle natured and very eager to please. He loves toys and food so easy to motivate when teaching. There is something about Oscar that really makes you want to take him home and look after him! With the right input he will be an amazing dog as he matures.

Oscar is not suitable to live with children and would be happiest as the only pet.

Enquire about homing Oscar (INTEREST - LOTS!!).