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Oscar is a 15 month old Cockapoo. He has the makings of a smashing dog, but will need a very experienced and patient home happy to continue to work with him to help shape him into the best little dog he can possibly be. At the moment he is in an experienced foster home who are working extremely hard with him and making good progress, but are very aware that he is going to be a long term investment for anyone who adopts him!

Oscar was never going to be a laid back lap dog. The business and intelligence of the Working Cocker crossed with the intelligence and independence of the Poodle is often not an easy cross breed, and the traits that Oscar exhibits are very common in Cockapoos – it is just that Oscar has them by the bucket load!

Oscar is incredibly clever, loves toys, loves to play, loves to learn (provided it interests him!). He knows a wide range of commands (sit, wait, off, down, leave it, fetch, come). He is very fit and active, and can easily walk the legs off anyone that has met him so far, so fit owners are a must for him! He is good on lead and his recall is now good provided he is long-lined….woe betide you if you remove the line, he really does know the difference! Oscar would be amazing at agility and would thrive on the benefits that participating in fun agility bring. Oscar is good with other dogs and has now learned how to socialise and to interact confidently with them. He is happy and confident to meet new people, a great traveller and ok to be left for a few hours. He is fully crate trained and loves his doggy den.

Unfortunately Oscar learnt some naughty lessons whilst a puppy which, with his intelligence, are going to take some work to change his mindset around. He has learnt to steel belongings to gain attention, to leg it if you ask him to come to you, to ignore you if you ask him to do something and he doesn`t feel like it – basically to try to turn everything into a game of theft, defiance and chase. Be it his squeaky toy or your favourite gloves, once an object is “his” he is reluctant to give it up, convinced that you will take it from him forever and end his fun game, so can become extremely possessive to combat this. These issues are being carefully worked on within the foster home, but there is no “quick fix” it really is sticking with the behavioural plan consistently and patiently that will get you there in the end.

Oscar is massively intelligent and hugely sensitive. He has real difficulties fully trusting anyone and will take a long time to begin to learn to trust and, eventually, to bond. This will definitely come in time, and he will be the most amazing dog you ever shared your life with, but there will be something of a shared journey to get you there. Oscar needs an adult only home with people who are firm but fair, who will enjoy providing continued training and guidance. You will need to be experienced in working with intelligent and sometimes challenging dogs…and have patience by the bucket-load! Experienced and knowledgeable trained staff Happy Landings will be with you every step of the way to offer any support needed to help make Oscar`s re-homing successful.

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