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Paddy is a two year old lab who is sadly having to be reluctantly re-homed as a change in his owners circumstances mean that he is now having to be left home alone for too long.

Paddy is a great dog who loves to be involved. He loves his walks, loves to play, loves to socialise. He is good with other dogs as well as with people and is always happy to make new dog friends – although as a young lab he can tend to be a little boisterous at times! A good traveller, Paddy loves to be involved and to join in with whatever you are doing, rather than be left home alone. He has good basic obedience and, as a clever boy, would be very happy to learn more. Paddy would be happy to live in a home with children of 10 years +. He is not very experienced with cats, but may be able to live with a very confident, dog-savvy cat. He is quite a sensitive boy and would love a relaxed, calm household with a little bit of a routine so that he knows what is happening in life. He does not like to be left for long periods so a home with someone predominantly home based is important for Paddy. He can be left for up to 3 hours with a little practice and time to bed in.

Paddy would love and active, fun loving home where he can be given plenty of exercise and play time. He will need to maintain training and socialising to help him remain happy, confident and well adjusted.

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