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Paddy is a lovely natured, 6 month old labrador. He has been brought to us for re-homing when his elderly owners realised that a boisterous puppy was far too much for them.

With little input thus far and everything to learn, Paddy would love a home with adopters who have plenty time for him and are committed to meeting his training and socialising needs. He is a clever boy and very eager to please – has quickly learnt, “sit” and “wait” with us and is nearly there with walking to heel…provided there are not too many distractions! He responds well to positive reward training, and loves to work with his human, taking direction and being a good boy – all that brain and energy definitely needs channelling.

Paddy is good with other dogs, although a little inexperienced. He has a fabulous temperament and is good with children, but lacking in experience with them. We are suggesting homes with children no younger than 10 years. He travels well, and does not panic if he has to be left for a couple of hours. He will need someone able to be home based with him because of his age and his training needs. Paddy is scrumptious, a lovely natured pup who loves to learn and to please – he will be the bestest dog!

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