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Pippin is a much loved and gentle family pet who has found his way into kennels due to difficult family circumstances. He has been with the same family since a pup. He is 8 years old.
Pip is a big aloof saluki x clown with plenty of energy. He loves to run and walks well on his lead. His favourite pastime is couching on a big sofa (which he is happy to share with you) This handsome adorable boy loves his food and is in good health.
Pip loves games and a 3 minute fun training session will make him smile and knock him out for a couple of hours. He loves to run for a tennis ball but won’t ever bring it back : )
He has lived with other dogs and has shown he can bond well with them. He has also lived as a single dog and was happy then.
Pip is used to his owners being at home so would be suited perhaps to someone active who works at home (or if not would need slow introduction to being left) He can however be left up to 4 hours occasionally. A dog sitter would be required if longer than that.
Pip is used to older children (8 plus) but has not really been around young children (that’s not to say he couldn’t) He must not be homed with cats or small furries due to his prey drive.

Enquire about homing Pippin.