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Pixie is a 2.5 year old whippet who has unfortunately been re-homed several times in her little life and now needs a permanent home dedicated to her for life! She is currently in an experienced foster home who have worked really hard with her to help her on the road to becoming a normal, fun loving young dog – and they have worked wonders with her!

She will need an active home. Agility, obedience classes anything that is going to stimulate her mentally is a must for her. A good 5 mile walk seems to do the trick with ball games to keep up with her retrieving and short training sessions daily.

A secure garden is a must.

Pixie is a really intelligent, manipulating at times, and often quite a vocal young lady! None of your shy and retiring little nervous thing! She is a fun loving, affectionate fantastic character who loves people and loves to spend time with you. However, she does need firm but fair boundaries to help keep her happy and confident about life. She is becoming very responsive to doing as she is asked, but if she thinks she can take an inch, she will take several miles!

Pixie has gained in confidence in her interactions with other dogs and recently started to play with the other dogs in the home. She loves playing ball and now retrieves almost every time. She plays very enthusiastically which can sound aggressive, but it’s all noise. She needs time off lead in a secure field to run off her energy but cannot be off lead in an open area as she has a very high prey drive and can leg it! She would benefit having another dog or two to be with but can be bossy if she thinks the dog is nervous of her. She has been good with visiting children aged 18 months to 11 years. She has been good with the foster carers cats, but all are very confident with dogs.

Pixie struggled when being left in her previous home, but being left for relatively short periods in the company of other dogs has not caused any problems in her foster home. She will need owners who are initially home based and happy to work with Pixie in this area. She would definitely benefit from owners who will adore her, but not spoil her. Foster mum says…
“She will try it on when she wants her own way so her new people will have to keep up the training and remain consistent . I have found her a great friendly mate to have around a bit challenging at times but sticking to my guns I have her true respect which in turn she shows in her loving way to please.”

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