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Polly is a fabulous, fun loving 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier. She is a proper little “join in” dog, loves to be involved in whatever the family are doing, loves to go to new places for adventures with you and very happy to travel in the car to enable this. She is good with other dogs, happy to run around and play with them off lead…she can get a little frustrated on lead, keen to be running and doing! Polly has not had to be left home alone on a regular basis, but has been fine to be left for the occasional 4 hours – obviously she would need a good walk first!

Polly would love to be a family dog again with plenty to do and lots of playtime. She is great with children of 8 years + but finds babies and toddlers a bit too much. She has not lived with a cat, but seems very disinterested in them, so could possibly live with a dog-savvy cat.

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