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Poppy (available)

Poppy is 2.5 year old Alaskan Malamute. She has a beautiful bubbly and bouncy personality and sure let’s all her friends know that she is present.

Due to Poppy’s breed she loves to run and chase. She gets on well with other dogs that are calm but friendly. She is a strong minded female dog that can be stubborn but at the same time super responsive to you. She can be housed with other dogs with a calmer personality.

She will be a beautiful addition to either a family with children who understand boundaries and responsible play, a single person home or a couple.

Unfortunately Poppy is not suitable for homes with cats.

Poppy does love to run and depends on daily exercise and social interaction, so an active home, that enjoys the breed’s unique perks,is essential.

She makes us all laugh at her opera singing skills but we wouldn’t change a thing!

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