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Poppy is a 6 – 7 year old cross-breed who has come to us because she struggled to adjust to some major changes in her owners` lifestyle. She has not been with us long, but we think that she is fab!

Poppy is an active and outgoing girl who loves to be involved and loves to be doing. She hates to be left behind or to feel excluded from anything so would really suit a very “all inclusive” family – she is a great traveller so easy for her to be included in most aspects of life. She would be very happy to live in a home with children of 8 years + who will enjoy participating in her life and encouraging her to join in and have fun. Poppy is good with most dogs, pleased to meet friends and with a little playful streak, but can get overwhelmed by very boisterous dogs. She has lived with a cat and would be quite happy to do so again.

Poppy is a bright little thing with good basic obedience and a brain that she would love to use. She will need a home where everyone can take a share in caring for her to help prevent her from over-bonding with one person – and where there is normally someone at home or she is able to go to work with you so that she does not have to spend too long on her own.

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