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Poppy is a 5 year old Yorky x Chihuahua. She has always been a much loved and well cared for girl and is reluctantly having to be re-homed due to a change in her owner`s circumstances.

Poppy is a great little dog, very clever and into everything. She has always been well socialised so is happy and confident meeting new people and other dogs. She has good basic obedience, travels well and can be left for short periods – although she has mostly been used to having human company. She is a very fit and active dog who enjoys her walks and still likes to play with toys. She has tended to live as a single dog for most of her life, but we feel she would probably benefit from living with a doggy friend as she enjoys their company tremendously. She currently lives with her little Chihuahua friend Teddy. They get on well and would be happy to continue to live together, but as they have only lived together for a relatively short time we feel that they would be ok to split.

Poppy needs an active and caring home who will enjoy her intelligence and curiosity. She has had no real experience of children, so we are looking for an adult home for her. She has very mild epilepsy (approx. 1 fit every 6 months) but it does not affect her in her day to day life. Poppy is currently in a foster home, so viewings strictly by appointment.

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