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Reggie is a wonderful 2.5 year old cross breed. He is very reluctantly being re-homed as he is not adjusting well to having a baby as part of his little pack.
Reggie is a much loved boy who has enjoyed a high level of human input. Reggie is used to a lot of human company at home, and a good amount of exercise. When he is back home there is nothing that Reggie loves more than snoozing on the sofa – Mr Chilled. He is great with other dogs, loves his walks, loves to play chase games with other dog friends. He has been used to being the only dog in the home, but we feel he could share with a canine friend.
Reggie loves to free run, loves to paddle, loves a game of tuggy. He is very happy to keep himself occupied playing with his toys by himself. He is not a fan of bad weather and will happily take a shorter walk and extra enrichment indoors on these days! If the wood burner happens to be going he is very happy to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays nice and warm!
Reggie is a really clever boy, has a good level of training and knows a variety of commands. He is good on lead and recall trained….provided there are not too many distractions!
Reggie is lovely with people, although he can be a little shy with new people. He is not safe to be re-homed with small furries – far too tempting to chase!
Reggie would love a rural, adult only home with active owners. He is a strong boy, so would need an owner who is able to hold him. Who enjoy sharing life with their dog, lots of adventures and ongoing training for this bright boy who loves to learn.

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