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Rocky and Bailey

Rocky and Bailey are a lovely pair of dogs who have always lived in the same home since they were puppies. They have always been much loved family pets and are very reluctantly being re-homed due to an unexpected change in the owners` circumstances.

Rocky, a long haired German Shepherd, and Bailey, a German Shepherd x Lab are 2 years and 18 months respectively and are very much a pair. They love their walks, love toys, love to travel to new places for adventures. They have been used to visiting grandchildren of all ages and love them! They have not been used to being left for any length of time so they will need a slow introduction to being left home alone for up to 4 hours. They have some basic obedience but would love to learn more. They have not had much experience at meeting other dogs so can be a little vocal to start, but are generally very sociable once they have realised that the dog is a new friend.

Rocky and Bailey would suit a rural or semi-rural home where they can benefit from plenty of exercise and things to do. They would love a home where someone is predominantly home based and will be delighted to share their lives with visiting youngsters! Because of their boisterousness we are suggesting family homes with children of 7+ years. They are not suitable to live with cats.

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