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Roscoe is just 18 months old and has come to us for re-homing due to a relationship split. He is a really sweet little lad, good with other dogs, good with children, ok to be left for a couple of hours. He is not the most confident little bean, and we have found that he is much happier if he has a doggy big brother – or sister – to help look after him in this great big scary world!
Roscoe gets easily overwhelmed by new people and new dogs which he shows by barking. We are working on this with him, but he will need ongoing work in his new home to help him understand that everything is ok. Roscoe loves known dog and human friends, loves playtime, loves food. He is an inexperienced traveller, but learning quickly. He is fully crate trained…although he loves to sit on it as well as in it!
Roscoe would love a gentle, settled home with people who are keen to spend time confidence building and training. He needs another dog friend in the home, can happily live with children but absolutely no cats!

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