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Sammie is around 3 years old and has had a bit of a mixed life so far. He has the makings of a smashing dog, he just needs the right home happy to invest time and patience in helping him to reach his full potential.

An active boy by nature, Sammie loves his walks and will need owners who enjoy getting out and about. He also loves the opportunity to run free to play and explore in a dog proof paddock with his dog friends. He loves to chase and struggles with recall, so can only safely be off lead in an area that really is dog proof. Sammie is very clever, a real thinker and a problem solver. He learns quickly and needs a home with people who will enjoy working with him to stretch him mentally.

Sammie is great with other dogs and at his happiest when he has dog friends. He loves to play chase games with them or tug of war, or just to chill and hang out with them. He definitely benefits from having another dog (or two!) to link in and form a pack, and to give him additional stability. Most dogs really like him and want to make friends – he has a special dog vibe!

Sammie has not always had the best experiences with humans and can take a little while to trust. Sudden movements or accidentally making him feel cornered can have him fleeing for safety. He tends to be wary of anyone new, but has a fabulous memory for known friends and really could not be more pleased and excited to greet you! He needs his humans to be “firm but fair” for him, able to give him leadership in a calm and assertive way without mothering him or bullying him. He has been used to having to be quite independent and to decision-make on his own. It will help him enormously to have a human he can team up with that he feels he can trust.

Sammie needs an experienced home with active owners who enjoy working with their dogs and all the interaction that goes with that. He will need other dogs in the home and a fairly set routine that he can understand. His humans must have the flexibility to be home based for him, at least initially, to help him form a bond, to learn to trust and to slowly introduce him to being left behind sometimes. Sammie would prefer a home without children – too busy and chaotic for him – and without small animals. He will need a secure garden with 6 ft fencing.

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