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Saskia is a 7 year old Collie x Husky who needs to be re-homed due to a change of circumstances in her owner`s situation.

Saskia is all collie in the way that she thinks and would be best placed in a home that has previous collie experience. She has been used to living as an outside dog, so has been used to a certain level of independence. Saskia is kennel clean and we suspect that she could adjust to living as a house dog….and quite probably enjoy it! She appreciates human company and definitely prefers women to men. She is quite happy to be a good girl for a treat, does a good “high five” and loves to have her tummy tickled by those she knows and trusts!

Saskia has led quite an insular life but has coped well with going to new places. She would benefit from a quiet lifestyle in a home with some previous collie experience. She has been used to living with Seff, but would not have any issues being separated from him – she puts up with him rather than enjoys his company and is very much in charge!

Enquire about homing Saskia.