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Scrappy-Do is guessed to be around 5 years old, most probably some sort of Norfolk/Cairn terrier x. He has not had the best life so far, and has had quite a few mixed messages and rough handling from humans along the way. He is settling beautifully with us and finding his inner puppy, so now spends a lot of time playing with toys and running around like a lune!

Scrappy-Do is clever and cheeky with a naughty sense of humour. He responds well to knowing he is a “Good boy” and really does want to please you. However, the terrier in him means that he is also a natural boundary pusher – if he thinks he may be able to get away with it he will! Scrappy loves toys, loves walkies, loves company. He has limited basic obedience but is learning more. He travels well, and does not mind being left for a few hours. Scrappy has lived with dogs in the past, but can find the competition difficult so we feel that he would be happiest as the only dog. Typical terrier he is not safe around cats or other smaller animals. Scrappy has not had any experience with children and is very sensitive to changes in noise and excitement. We feel that he would be best in an adult only home, or with older teenagers.

Scrappy is a fabulous little dog who deserves stability, and to have his needs prioritised. He would love a relatively quiet home where he can learn to understand his boundaries, and enjoy plenty of walks, fun playtime and positive training.

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