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Scrappy-Do likes to do! He is a boy that likes to join in and crack on rather than stay at home looking through the window! He does not like to spend too long on his own, loves the company of other dogs and really does need to belong to a little doggy pack. He is active and intelligent with a low boredom threshold – not destructive, more that he starts to worry about life.

Approximately 6 -7 years old, he has had quite a mixed bag in life, some good, but also bad bits. He has a real robust terrier front, often appearing to be very vocal and overexcited, but beneath that front is a sensitive and worried little dog who knows only too well that little dogs can get beaten and kicked. He is sensitive to changes in mood, raised voices etc. and gets very concerned if he thinks that you are angry or upset about anything. He loves to out walking, running, pretending to rat (never caught anything!)…he is not trustworthy with cats! He loves toys, chasing after the biggest ball he can find, entertaining himself with a squeaky toy – entertaining you with a squeaky toy come to that (he loves to make you laugh). He loves to share, to feel included. He is a “what we doing next then?” type of dog, just waiting for the cue to jump up and come with. He hates sitting doing nothing, hates to spend much time on his own.

Scrappy needs a terrier experienced home with older children who can be an active part of his busy little life. He is good off lead, crate trained, travels well. He would not enjoy a town environment, far too restrictive. He likes space and running and doing and being busy. In the evenings he loves a fire, a sofa, a lap – will happily settled for a comfy dogs bed if that is the best he can talk you into!

Scrappy needs his next home to be very much his forever home. He has had far too much change in his life and needs to be able to settle, feel confident, happy and safe. If you have an active life where you dogs join in with you and a couple of dogs who would love another friend do arrange to come and meet him, he is wonderful!

Enquire about homing Scrappy-Do.