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Seff is a very sweet 6 year old Husky x Czech Wolf Dog. He has been in the same home since a puppy, but due to changes in their circumstances now needs to find a new home of his own.

Seff has always lived with another dog, and is used to doing what the other dog tells him! He is not a leader by nature, and he would definitely benefit from living with another laid back dog. He needs a good canine role model, ideally a relaxed female, who will help him to learn that life is fun, there is nothing to worry about and share a relaxed life style with him. Seff has had very limited life experience, living in a very rural area with little opportunity to get out into the big wide world to meet different people and environments. He can therefore be easily overwhelmed and will need patience and gentle confidence building. He cannot go off lead unless in a secure area.

Seff has never really had the opportunity to bond with someone, has not really had any training…has not really ever learnt how to play or to have fun. We would love to change this for him and make the rest of his life really positive. He needs a quiet, adult only home (purely because children running around will terrify him!) and owners who have previous dog experience, ideally with another friendly dog that he can buddy up and rely on. If this sounds like it might be you then Seff needs your help!

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