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Senna is around 8 months old. He is typical of a young lurcher and likes to be in everything. He will need full puppy training and must be booked into classes as part of his adoption contract.
Senna was a stray and so we are unsure about his background or what he is used to. He is house trained and learning other things fast but his new home would need the standard puppy proofing initially.
Whilst Senna needs a home with patience and a good sense of humour due to his puppyness he has so many awesome qualities. He loves meeting people and dogs. He is great travelling in the car. He loves to snuggle up once he is worn out and is very eager to learn. In new situations Senna is very calm and easy. He really will make such a cracking dog with the right training and boundaries. He is currently in foster with another dog. He loves to play and could annoy an old quiet dog but any dog up for a game would be a fab companion. Like a lot of lurchers Senna does have a high prey drive and could not be let off the lead where there are the possibilities to chase. We would hope in time with lots of recall training he could be let off in more secure places.
He will need someone home based as he is not used to being left and this would need time.

Enquire about homing Senna.