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5 year old Husky cross German Shepherd. Sheba is looking for a home due to her owner having to move where he is not allowed to take her. She has lived with children and we would happily rehome her to a family, due to her size and breed older dog savvy children rather than little ones. Sheba has lived happily with another dog and has others in the family that she meets and interacts with. She is quite independent and bossy and if living with other dogs they would need to be calm and the type who do not look for conflict. She would be very happy to share a home with easy going types. As you can see in one of her photos she has been living with a kitten who she will cuddle up with. Being the breeds she is Sheba will need an active home where she gets plenty of stimulation both physically and mentally. Sheba will need a very secure garden with a minimum of 6 foot fencing. Please only consider applying for Sheba if you have done plenty of research on owning a husky type or know the breed. They are a working breed and take a great deal of work.

Enquire about homing Sheba.