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Shellac is an 8-year-old female Shepard X. She is a lovely sweet natured girl who is friendly with everyone she meets. She is dog social and has plenty of doggy friends that she meets at the park. She is very biddable and wants to please.

Shellac needs a special home that is prepared to support her with an ongoing medical issue. She has had epileptic seizure in the past and is on medication to prevent this occurring again. The seizures seem to be kept under control whilst on these medications.

We realise that it may take some time to find, but we are looking for a very committed home for Shellac, with people who are willing and able to manage her condition by administering her meds daily and who can give her the routine, care and daily walks that she needs.

Shellacs anti- seizure meds come to roughly £100 / month and she will be on these for life.

In return shellac has a lot of love to give, she is affectionate and loyal with a playful and adventurous side to her.

Shellac is used to having someone living with her most of the day so owners will need to get her used to being on her own gradually. Patience, routine and exercise should help get her there, along with a training plan for separation issues.

Shellac cannot live with cats and needs to live with adults and children over the age of 14 years. Due to Shellac’s health issues we are looking for a home from home adoption only.

Enquire about homing Shellac (Available).