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Shiloh is a 6 year old shihtzu cross. He is a lovely boy, who thrives on human company and is massively affectionate. He loves to be spoilt and will do his utmost to fully train any human that takes him home – we are betting that he will be fully successful in this endeavour!! He loves plenty cuddles and absolutely loves his walks.

Shiloh loves people, is an utter foody (we have to watch that waist line!) loves cuddles, loves his walks. He is a good traveller and is very happy to go in the car anywhere with you so that he can join in with life. He does not like spending much time on his own, it tends to worry him. Shiloh typically has “small dog syndrome” and can be insecure around other dogs. He generally does not like having other dogs close to him, although he can usually walk out sensibly with known “friends”. He would definitely want to be the only dog in the home. Cats are a bit hit and miss with him, but we suspect that he would not be 100% with a cat either (little monkey!!)
Shiloh has not lived with young children but has been happy with older children visiting if they are calm and quiet as he`s a sensitive little chap and we wouldn’t want him to get overwhelmed.

Shiloh is a little bit special and is going to need a very special sort of home. Much as he loves his walks, and loves going in the car to new places, we have to ensure that he gets to walk for roughly the same amount every day as he needs continuity of exercise – currently 20 – 30 minutes 2 x daily. This is because poor Shiloh has never been quite right physically – most likely as a result of bad breeding that is happening all too often! Shiloh has a little compression problem in his lower spine which means that he can occasionally loses full control of his back legs for a few minutes and can look a little drunk when he tries to walk afterwards! We are continuing to work with him with the vet with this problem, but it is not anything that causes him any pain at all, it just needs some lifestyle management. We will of course support any new owner for Shiloh going forward with this condition.

Shiloh`s ideal home would be one that has someone predominantly home based, preferably with experience of small breed dogs and has the time and patience to work with Shiloh and his complex needs. He is like lots of his type stubborn, a real character and knows how to wrap you round his little finger!! He is a wonderful little dog, very often one of our office dogs – he would love to meet you if you feel you may be interested in him!

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