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Sky is a fab 2 year old Staffy x Boxer who is sadly having to be re-homed due to a change of circumstances in her home and family.

Sky is staffy sized and, as you would expect of her cross, full of beans and bounce. She loves everyone, loves visitors, loves meeting new people out and about, loves to say hello….can sometimes be a little bit over excited and bouncy because she is just soooo happy to meet another person! Sky loves cuddles, attention, toys, a good game of fetch. She is good with other dogs within the family, but has not had much chance to practice meeting dogs outside of the home. She is not used to travelling so will need some practice to build her confidence. Because she loves people so much Sky struggles to be on her own, so will need owners who can be home based.
Sky would love an active home with people who enjoy getting out and having fun with their dog. Sky would benefit from additional positive reward based training. She is a clever girl and very food motivated so will be great for training. Because of her energy levels we feel that Sky would be best suited to homes with children of 12+ years. Sky has lived with another dog, but we feel she may be happiest as the only pet. She will definitely need a home where she can always have someone at home with her, at least initially, with the time and patience to slowly teach Sky that it is ok to be home alone sometimes.
If you like your dogs friendly, full of fun and energy, Sky could be the dog for you!

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