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Sunny is an amazing, happy, bouncy dog who loves every human he meets. He is always happy
to see you, and happy to receive back scratches and belly rubs. In return he will provide kisses
and loyal companionship.

Sunny loves being close to people. There is no way you can be on the sofa without him snuggling in
between. It’s his favourite place to be. Although he is crate trained and will go in there as his safe place
(e.g. to eat a tasty treat undisturbed), he would always sleep on the couch and never in his crate. During the
day he will follow you around
unless he’s super tired and cosy on the sofa already. He like to do the staffie talking. He makes the strangest whining and chirping noises when
he’s excited, when he wants attention, and on many other occasions.
He’s always happy to see us first thing in the morning, and can never get enough attention and
cuddles. He’s clean and toilet trained, and never destructive, even when left alone. He has been left alone for
up to 4 hours, but only infrequently so far. And he’s currently used to having someone around for most of
the day. He likes
chewing things, e.g. bones and toys, but never things he’s not meant to. Sunny is very playful when he’s not
snoring on the sofa.
Sunny has amazing self restraint when it comes to human food. Although he’s tempted by the
smells, he’ll never go further than giving it a sniff and when told to lie down, he’ll happily lie down next to us
whilst we’re eating food on the sofa.
Sunny is still working on loose lead walking. He’s definitely improved over the last few months, but
it does depend on where he is and what distractions are around.
Sunny can happily make friends with dogs but it needs to be done carefully with certain dogs and then he can walk and play with them. He would prefer to be walked in areas that he is not going to come head on with strange dogs and is undergoing muzzle training.
We would not home him with young children just because he is not used to them.
Could possibly live with a confident cat but we would need to assess this more if required.

Enquire about homing Sunny.