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Teddy (swamped with interest - no more applications please whilst we go through them all!)

Teddy is a lovely 18 month old Sprocker. He had reluctantly come to us for re-homing because, much as he loved his owners and vice versa, he found living with a small child too overwhelming.

Teddy is a beautiful, loving boy who thrives on human companionship and very much likes to belong. He loves to hang out with you, be a buddy, loves to join in. He is a really good traveller so is an easy boy to chuck in your vehicle and take out and about with you. If it is not the sort of trip that a Teddyfer can join in with he doesn`t mind staying at home for a few hours provided he has had a good walk beforehand.

Teddy thrives on being a good boy and loves the tem work involved in learning and training. Teddy is a very intelligent and active boy who loves to be busy. He loves to go on a lovely long walk – the muddier the better! – loves to play fetch until his legs fall off! Being such a high energy, intelligent dog, Teddy really needs a job to do and will need an owner who will enjoy doing agility or scent work with him.

Much as Teddy loves people, he can be nervous with new people and also with new dogs initially – he can tend to back off or bark if he is feeling unsure. Once he has been introduced and realises that they are a friend he absolutely loves them and you get typical happy Teddy with a big grin! He is not confident with small children and, because he can be a little nervous with new people and situations, we feel that he would be happiest in an adult only home where he can participate in much of life and enjoy all the input and training that he deserves.

If you like beautiful bonkers spaniely things and enjoy challenging an intelligent and active dog, as well as cuddles time then Teddy could well be the dog for you!

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