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Teddy is a 2 year old Chihuahua. He has come into us for re-homing with his little friend Poppy due to a change in his owner`s circumstances. Teddy had only been with his new owner for a relatively short period, so is not as confident and outgoing as Poppy….a working progress!

Teddy is great with “his” person once he knows them and feels confident with them, but does tend to struggle meeting new people. He is in the process of learning that new person = treat, but he is naturally suspicious so we are taking it slowly with him. Teddy loves most other dogs and needs to have other dog friends in the home. He has some basic obedience and is generally good both on and off the lead – although tends to only go off in a quiet area as sudden things can make him panic. Teddy is a good traveller and does not mind being left for a few hours. He is an active boy who enjoys walks – he is not a boy who can cope with pottering around the garden for life.

Teddy needs an experienced home with owners committed to continuing to build his confidence. They will need to be gently but firmly in control of the world around him so that Teddy can feel confident in them and not have to worry about what may happen next. He needs to live with another, laid back doggy friend who can be a companion, play mate and anchor for him. Teddy will need a quiet home with some routine to help him settle. He would be very happy to continue to live with Poppy, who is a great personality match for him, but would slot in with another dog quite easily.

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