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Tilly (Interest- lots!)

Tilly is a nearly 3 year old Bulldog. Her current owners rescued her and absolutely adore her but sadly no matter what they do her and their other dog are just not getting on. When you meet her it is clear to see she has had a tough life and has anxieties about the outside world. Tilly would like a home with a large garden where she can get the exercise she needs whilst we help you to work with her fears and learn positive associations with walking and travelling. Tilly would like to be the only dog in the home although is very easy meeting dogs out and about, she would just rather have all the attention from her owners. Tilly would happily live with children of 4 plus and we think she would also live with a cat although would need to test this if required. Please research the breed if applying for her and you do not already have experience of Bulldogs. Tilly will need some skin and eye cleaning however is in very good health and pretty low maintenance for a Bulldog. A great representative of the breed Tilly loves cuddles and sleeping and will happily lap up being a spoilt princess all day long. She just needs a quiet understanding home that will give her the time and patience she needs to reach her full potential and allow her to put in the past any bad memories carrying on the amazing work her current family have already been doing with her.

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