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Toby is a fabulous, fun loving 11 year old Jack Russell. His owners had to move and were unable to take Toby with them, so friends have been caring for him, but one of their very big boisterous dogs is a bit too much for Toby so they feel that he would be happiest in a new home. Toby is currently staying in his “foster home” whilst we find him a new one!

Toby is a clever and active boy, loves people, loves company, loves attention, loves walks, loves toys! He is really good at hide and seek with his favourite toys (his favourite game) and can`t wait for his two big walks each day. Toby is not good at coming back – the world is just too exciting place to explore – so he has to stay on lead unless in a secure field! Toby is happy to meet new doggy friends but prefers more placid dogs, very boisterous and excitable dogs are a bit much for him. Toby also loves travelling and will happily settle into he create in the boot, knowing that there will be something fun at the end of the journey.

Toby loves making new human friends and is always excited to see known faces. He is currently living with children of 10 years + but had been used to younger children in his first home and has always been really happy and confident around children. He prefers not to spend huge chunks of time on his own, but does not mind being left for a few hours so would suit a home situation with part time work hours. Toby has not been used to living with cats or small furries and we suspect that he will be too much of a Jack Russell to be able to do so safely!

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