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Todd is a 5 year old Springer x. He is far bigger than your average springer, with all the desire to “go do” that spaniels tend to have – this can make him rather challenging on lead in certain situations!

Todd loves people and is good with children of any age. He can be unaware of just how big and happy he is, so can be a little more boisterous than he means to be at times! He has always lived as a family dog and definitely misses being part of a family with us. Todd has had some mixed experiences with other dogs so can be defensive if he feels another dog may be on the attack. However, we have found him to be predominantly friendly and sociable with other friendly dogs, happy to enjoy a walk together, share sniffs etc. With ongoing positive experiences he is continuing to gain in confidence and we hope that he will be a fully sociable boy in time. Cats are a big no for Todd, and anything that runs he does have need to chase! A large, secure garden would be beneficial for Todd where he can enjoy plenty of free running and games. He can wait calmly whilst cars go past, or even a string of race horses that exercise along the lane here does not phase him…a squawking pheasant or a field full of flighty sheep would be a very different matter!

Todd can be left for a few hours once he has had his walk and does not stress about this, so part time work is not an issue. He is not the most confident traveller, but learning quickly that getting into a vehicle = nice walk. He is sweet natured, and very eager to please. He loves food so is easily motivated, and has got some basic training in him. Todd`s main issue is his strength on lead – we are working on this with him, but he will need an owner who is physically strong and happy to continue this work.

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