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Tye (Reserved)

Tye is a lovely 5 year old German Shepherd x. He has very sadly had to come to us for re-homing due to an unforeseen change in his owners` circumstances. Tye is a family dog by nature and would be much happier back in a home environment than having to be stuck with us in kennels!

Tye has a lovely personality, is friendly and sociable. He is a strong and active dog, used to plenty of good walks and free running around a large garden. He is clever and loyal, has good basic obedience and will do almost anything for a biscuit! He is good with most other dogs, but will respond if a dog has a go at him. He loves water (happy to take a shower or share a bath!!) loves toys, loves company. He has been used to spending some time home alone, but will need a slow introduction to this in his new home. He is not able to share his life with cats or other small furries.

We would home Tye with children of teenage age. He is a large dog and can be boisterous so would need children that could be confident with this. He loves to play!

Tye has had no experience of travelling and finds journeys quite stressful. We are working with him to improve his confidence but his new home will need to continue this work with him.

Tye will need a rural home with no main roads near the garden.

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